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August 17, 2018
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Is a More Expensive Stick Better?

Hockey sticks have been a growing market. Every year someone is coming out with a new and improved stick and that comes with a price – a rather unfriendly price for parents and players. A senior stick costs nearly an arm and a leg at a whopping $350. Junior sticks are not far off costing as much as $200 before tax. The question is, are the more expensive “top of the line” sticks actually better than a stick you can get for under $100?

Wayne Gretzky claimed the name “The Great One” using a wooden stick. Some of the other greatest hockey players to ever play the game never used these new fancy one piece hyper lite composite sticks. So do we really need to spend a fortune on our hockey sticks or are we just as well off spending the bare minimum on a stick?

When I was starting to get competitive with hockey, composite sticks were just coming out and were they ever expensive. I was never strong enough to break my good old wooden stick so my dad saw no reason to get me the latest composite stick, especially since I was growing out of my sticks so quickly. I fell victim to the aesthetic of the composite stick. I thought they looked cool so therefore I wanted them. My dad eventually broke down and started rewarding me with the latest expensive sticks hoping that it would make my shot better. At a young age when you can barely raise the puck, is the stick really going to do anything to help? At the end of the day, if you aren’t shooting properly a stick can’t fix that.

Maybe it’s all in our head. These new expensive sticks are very visually appealing and they do say “Look good, feel good, play good”. Do we buy these expensive sticks because we think it makes us better or does it actually make us better? Are these sticks worth our hard earned money?

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