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August 14, 2018
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When a Defenceman Goes Forward

We have all been on teams where all of the defense show up and few forwards make it to the game. This calls for one or two of the defense going on offense. Most defenseman get super excited in this situation. A chance for them to finally get some glory up there.

Defense get a little a taste of never-ending skating. Don’t get me wrong, defense requires lots of skating much of that being backwards skating which is often more difficult. However, it is a different kind of intensity on offense that defense aren’t used to and vice-versa. By the end of the game, the temporary forward will be winded but having a blast.

As for the forwards, most try to steer clear from the offending defender. With little to no experience on the front end, the D may not know what’s going on. A few mess-ups are bound to happen. However, then there are the forwards who want to be on the offending defender’s line because they will be very defensive and therefore allow them to get right in the grit of things without worrying about having to play defense.

At the end of the day hockey is all about enjoying your time on the ice with your teammates. Next time a defense on your team has to go forward, make them feel welcome and help them out a little. This will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. As for defense, enjoy your time up there and embrace the glory because you will be back on D saving the day soon enough.

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