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How to Pick Your Team

When it comes to picking your recreational hockey team, just as much thought has to go into it as a minor hockey team, if not more. To fully enjoy the experience of recreational hockey you don’t just throw together a team. Team comradery plays a major role in enjoying your time at the rink.

How many people you have on your team can make or break your season. There is a fine line between having too many players and not enough. Often, people only register the bare minimum because they want to get lots of ice time. This is understandable however, adult league means adults with busy schedules – between their kids and their jobs, things can get busy and they’ll have to miss games. This can make your roster even smaller and give you more ice time than you would like or even force you to forfeit games due to not having enough players. It takes time but eventually you will find that happy medium for your roster size.

Now hockey is all about having fun. Therefore, you want to play with players whom you can have some fun with. Exclude players that kill your fun like those who don’t pass – nobody likes a puck hog. Choose players who can laugh off a bad pass and encourage you throughout the game. Also choose players who you like spending time with. You spend lots of time with your teammates, so ensure you can tolerate them and have fun with them. You also want teammates on your team you can enjoy a drink with after the game. Hockey is a social sport so ensure you like who you surround yourself with.

If you’re super competitive and signed up in a strong division, then skill can play a factor of who you want on your team. Make sure all of your teammates can keep up and contribute to your team. You want everyone to feel comfortable on your team and not feel out of place.

We all play hockey to have fun and stay active, so pick a team with players who want to be there. This will make your time at the rink much more enjoyable. Cheers!

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