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Best Places for Post-Game Drinks

What’s better than post-game drinks with the guys after a big win? Hanging out with your teammates is what makes the dream work. Bonding with the guys away from the rink is just as important as bonding at the rink. Going for drinks after games is one of the best ways to get closer with your teammates as it is all part of the experience. All while drinking responsibly, of course.

Ottawa has many options when it comes to getting post-game drinks. First off any arena with a restaurant or bar is doing it right. The Minto arenas around the city have an onsite license. You may as well send the text to your wife before your game that you will be later than expected coming home tonight because a drink at the rink is calling your name.

Away from the rink another great place to grab drinks after games is the Royal Oak. The Royal Oak is a friendly welcoming spot to all sports lovers. They have a perfect bar for you and your buddies to shoot the breeze. With their 12 locations around the city, there’s no going thirsty post-game. There is always a Royal Oak just minutes away from you.

Lastly, if your game is at TD Place, the options are endless. Head outside after your game and Local, Joey Lansdowne, Milestone’s, and Jack Astor’s are all fantastic options a very short walk away. You can’t go wrong!

Remember to always drink responsibly and follow the arena’s rules and regulations! Cheers!

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