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The Best Rinks in Ottawa

Every hockey player has their favourite barn they like to play at. For some it’s the brand new arena with that new smell and clean showers. Others enjoy the absolute coldest rink with nice crisp ice and then there are some players that like to stick to what they know and reminisce at the rink they grew up playing at. Here is the short list of some of the best arenas to play at in Ottawa.

TD Place: TD Place is home to the Ottawa Travellers and one of the top rinks to play at. You get that old barn feel playing in there, with all the history it has but also a new feeling with the renovations they made a few years ago. Playing in the TD Place you can feel like a pro, if only the stands could be sold out every week.

Bell Sensplex: Bell Sensplex has been around for 14 years, however it still feels brand new. It will forever be the “new” rink in Ottawa as everyone remembers when it first opened as the Ottawa Senators practice facility. The Bell Sensplex staff take great care of the facility, making you feel comfortable from the second you walk through the doors. As an added bonus, with the Bell Sensplex being the official Ottawa Senators practice facility, you can possibly run into your favourite players.

Richcraft Sensplex: Like the Bell Sensplex, it is well kept. It is the newest of the Sensplex arenas and very well built. The Richcraft Sensplex is right off the highway and easy to get to. Richcraft Sensplex like its counterpart also has the restaurant Stanley’s upstairs over-looking two of the ice pads, a great place to grab post-game drinks at.

Carleton University Ice House: The Ice House is home to both Carleton University’s men and women’s hockey teams and has lots of Ravens character. The rink has two ice pads making it a great big facility. You can always count on the Ice House to have nice crisp ice. As an added bonus, it is right on campus and only a short walk away from a Tim Hortons.

UOttawa Minto Sports Complex: UOttawa’s rink is a multi-sport facility. It is home to UOttawa’s athletic teams. The atmosphere is practically unbeatable having student athletes constantly roaming the halls. The double ice pads always has some of the best ice to play on as well. After a good skate, they have a great little bar upstairs called The Draft to grab a drink or bite to eat at.

Minto Skating Center: The Minto Skating Center a dual ice pad facility that is well known around the city. You can always count on quality ice at the Minto Skating Center year round. So what better place to hold the Hometown Hockey Classic this year?

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