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June 28, 2018
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July 5, 2018
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The Evolution of a Hockey Player

Everyone starts playing hockey somewhere – whether that be in Timbits Hockey when you’re just a little squirt, playing on the outdoor rink with your friends, or as an adult in a recreational league. Now, each individual has a path that is unique to them, where they may find themselves playing professionally, collegiately, or simply recreationally. However, there is one thing for certain, and that is that everybody always ends up in an adult league playing for the love of the game.

In your professional work career, there will come a time that you will retire, and competitive hockey careers are no different.  However, that does not mean that you have to hang up the skates for good. There is no age limit to playing hockey. The only requirement is that you are still able to stand on your skates and have fun doing it. When that competitive career comes to an end and you become a beer leaguer, it can be so bittersweet. Finally, you get to remove the stress off your body of putting it through endless workouts and training. Not to mention no more bag skates. You officially just get to go to the rink to enjoy the company of your teammates, have some fun, and of course compete.

As you grow up playing hockey, your teammates are constantly changing as you start trying out for different teams and levels, but everyone always has that core group from when you were just learning to play hockey that you always remain friends with. It doesn’t matter what path in hockey each of you choose, when the time comes you all find your way back to recreational hockey. 20 years later, you’ll be teammates again like things never changed. Every hockey player always finds their way to recreational hockey as a beer leaguer at one point or another. Nobody is ever ready to “hang ‘em up” for good, so what better place than to keep playing than in the Ottawa Travelers Hockey League?

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