How to Cope with the NHL Season Ending

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June 7, 2017
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July 11, 2017
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How to Cope with the NHL Season Ending

“What now?” – a question that is commonly asked when the NHL season comes to an end in early June. After dedicating at least three evenings a week for up to nine months to watch your favourite team battle it out on the ice, you may feel sad, nostalgic, or even a little empty when it all comes to an end. Here are some tips to trump those end of the season blues:

  • Get off the couch and go play some hockey yourself. Find a league to join, play some pick-up, or even grab your old stick and rally the neighborhood kids to play some road hockey!
  • Pick a new sport to follow. “The Boys of Summer” have just started their season so it is perfect timing to tune into some baseball and catch up on Canada’s only Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • The Canadian Football League’s season starts only two short weeks after the NHL season wraps up, just in time to shift your focus to football.
  • Now the NHL playing season may have come to an end, let’s be real the NHL runs year round. The summer is a very exciting time for the NHL, so stay up to date on trades, training camps, and get excited for the draft.

Don’t let the end of the NHL season get you down. Follow these tips and you will be just fine until October rolls around and the new hockey season starts. The sun always rises in the morning and the NHL season always starts in the fall -as long as Gary Bettman doesn’t hold a lock out, that is.

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