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April 27, 2017
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How to Plan for Next Season

The off-season is the perfect time to start thinking about your plan for the next season. But why make a plan? Well, a plan gives you a blueprint that helps you get the most out of the season, and keeps you on track for the year. Here’s what every great plan should include!

  1. Your philosophy for the season – In a couple of sentences, write out your philosophy for the season. It can include how you’re going to approach tactics, your ice time, your team members, winning, or even losing.
  2. Your goals for the season – Next, write down your goals for the season. What are you hoping to accomplish? Set goals for the short-term (the first few weeks of the season), mid-term (by the middle of the season), and long-term (by playoffs). Try to avoid goals that are performance-related (eg: score ___ goals) so that you don’t get caught up in aiming for results, rather than learning, playing, and having fun.
  3. Your training priorities – What do you want to work on for this season? Stickhandling? Speed? Whatever it might be, set different priorities for each month, as well as the kinds of tactics and activities you’ll do to improve those individual skills.

Of course, a plan shouldn’t be set in stone. A good plan is flexible, and something you re-evaluate over the course of the season. It’s something you’re going to tweak so don’t be afraid if it changes. So get to making your plan, and get the most out of next season!

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